Getting Started

The domain is the first thing you need in order to create a website.

This is the name of your website ( You can check on availability at Host Gator or . You can also purchase your domain name there. That is where I get my domains.

Host Gator or are a low cost provider with excellent service ($10/year). When you do purchase, it’s important to know that Google search engines give more favor to sites who have bought their domain for longer than 1 year.

When choosing a name think about how you want to brand your blog. You can choose a name related to your blog’s theme, you could choose to brand with your own name, or you can make up a name that sounds cool. Or you could do some combination of those. Usually “.com” is preferable to other extensions such as “.net” or because it makes it easier for people to remember. Everyone thinks “.com” but if you can only get “.net” with your favorite name that should be fine. Just keep an eye out for when the .com will become available, some individual fail to renew there domains causing them to loss they domains and making domain become available for purchase.

When it comes to picking a domain name I suggest brainstorming on paper first. Get feedback from some people about the names you’ve picked. Then click over to Host Gator or to check availability. You may need to modify some of the names you thought of, Host Gator and will also make suggestions for you too.

The reason I recommend Host gator and godaddy is simply. GREAT SERVICES AFFORDABLE PRICING!

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